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About NPB Technology Group

NPB Technology Group is a Professional Manufacturers' Representative Corporation that serves the Southwestern United States. The company's focus is to provide best-in-class products in a consultative and collaborative environment for successful client project management.
NPB was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Newport Beach, California.  The staff is equipped with over 30 years of industrial instrumentation sales experience having served some of the world's most trusted equipment manufacturers including: VAT (vacuum valves), Olympus, MKS Instruments, and Brooks Instrument. 
We now represent some of the highest quality process equipment brands on the market. Our principals include: Leybold, Alicat Scientific, ThyracontLACO TechnologiesGencoa, and Intellivation. We are the exclusive representative for these manufacturers throughout the Southwest. NPB Technology Group is proud to be able to offer these quality brands and we look forward to helping you find the perfect instrumentation solution for your application. Find out more about our specific product offering by region by following this link.
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