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Starfire Industries produces the nGen® and Centurion® ultra-compact particle accelerators used for medical therapy, environmental sensing, nuclear security, and non-destructive imaging.  Starfire produces the IMPULSE® and RADION™ pulsed power plasma sources and systems used for nuclear fuel fabrication, superconductor coatings, semiconductor EUV lithography, lightweight electric vehicle assembly, high-temperature aerospace materials, and thin-film deposition and etching applications.  Their industry-changing solutions are designed, manufactured, and delivered from their headquarters in Champaign, Illinois to end-users across six continents and Earth orbit.

IMPULSE 2kW & 20kW pulsed power modules are plug-n-play with existing hardware and​ our innovative ultra-fast pulsing topology with Positive Kick™ increases deposition rate, higher ion % fraction, ​and user-controlled ion energy to the substrate for deposition and etching -- all in one system.

​Starfire's patented technology has opened the doors to
​new application spaces such as At-C, metals on plastics, corrosions/wear & semi.

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