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AJA International, Inc. was founded in Scituate, Massachusetts, USA in 1989 by William Hale, MBA, BS Physics.  The company was established as a supplier of innovative thin film, vacuum and microwave products.

Within 2 years the company developed the popular ATC Series Sputtering Systems - the first commercial, con-focal, sputter tools with rotating substrates and in-situ tilting magnetron sputter heads.  This revolutionary development yielded extremely uniform and controllable depositions of single layers, multi-layers and alloys and has become the most popular R&D sputtering system configuration on the market.

All AJA systems are installed by AJA factory personnel whenever possible and factory acceptance and training are highly recommended and welcomed.  With over 900 systems and over 7,500 magnetrons shipped worldwide, AJA International, Inc. continues to discover innovative design solutions which are often copied but never equaled as the company truly remains THE CUTTING EDGE IN THIN FILM TECHNOLOGY.

Products Include:

  • Sputtering systems

  • Ion-milling systems

  • Evaporation systems

  • Multi-technique systems

  • Sputtering sources

  • Substrate holders

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