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E+R is a world-leading equipment engineering company based in the UK. We have grown and developed across a number of market sectors including PrintFormingVacuum and Coating and we are proud to be a leading manufacturer of sophisticated roll-to-roll production machinery.

We have built a reputation for innovation in engineering, technology and process, and use our experience gained across a diverse range of application to develop ever more demanding processes and products.

Innovation lies at the heart of everything we do, whether creating new enabling technologies or refining processes to enhance capabilities and productivity. And, when needed, we work with strategic partners to integrate sophisticated and complex source technologies to our platforms.

Founded 1918, we remain a privately-owned company, which has allowed supported our commitment to innovation and allowed us to diversify into new and emerging markets.

More than 80% of our sales are exported to customer locations all over the world and we remain committed to being a UK-based business at the forefront of our industry.

Products Include:

  • Pilot and production scale vacuum roll-to-roll coating equipment for:

    • Solar Energy

    • Display and Vision

    • Medical & Healthcare

    • Security & Brand Protection

    • Battery & Energy Storage

    • Flexible and Printed Electronics

    • Specialty Films & Laminates.

  • Genesis ALD commercial roll-to-roll coater for:

    • Passivation of cathodes and anodes for various types of lithium-ion and solid-state batteries.

    • Conductive layers and encapsulation for flexible solar cells

    • Moisture barriers for flexible electronics

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