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Tom Anderson
President & Founder

Tom founded NPB in 2013 in Newport Beach, where he and his wife have lived for many years, and raised two grown daughters.  He has 30 years of industrial instrumentation sales experience having served some of the world's most trusted equipment manufacturers including: VAT (vacuum valves), Olympus, MKS Instruments, Brooks Instruments.

The move from corporate sales and sales management to business owner was designed to challenge his skills as a sales professional, by developing and generating income streams for growth oriented companies in the Technology industry.  Since its inception, NPB Technology Group, Inc has grown to include four full-time professional sales representatives.


Tom is your dedicated representative in Western Los Angeles and Orange County, CA, Utah, Nevada, Colorado & Hawaii.


Organizations Tom and NPB Technology Group Supports:

Tom Anderson
President & Founder

+1 (949) 945-3316


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