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X-ray analytical instrument manufacturer Rigaku Corporation sold its Rigaku Vacuum Products division and established as the independent company, Rotary Vacuum Products, Inc., a New Hampshire corporation headquartered in Salem.

A rotary feedthrough is a specialized part that acts as a sealing device, preventing leakage of liquids or gases. Magnetic rotary feedthrough seal units introduce rotary motion into vacuum or differential pressure environments. Rigaku Vacuum Products supplied “magnetic seals” - vacuum rotary feedthroughs with magnetic fluid - for modern vacuum systems and other process systems.

Rotary Vacuum Products has continued with the design, manufacture, sales and repair of magnetic rotary feedthrough seal units  for customers in the United States and European Union region. 

Products Include:

  • Hollow shaft and solid shaft rotary feedthroughs

  • UHV feedthroughs

  • Direct drive seals

  • Ferrotec replacements

  • Custom feedthroughs

  • Feedthrough repair services

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