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Detail of vacuum equipment with steel flanges bolted to the vessel in laboratory or indust

Professional Manufacturer's Representatives

NPB Technology Group is an experienced manufacturer's representative corporation headquartered in Newport Beach, California.  NPB serves the Western & Southwestern United States bringing the latest high quality process solutions to technology innovators in the region.

Our Services

Our Product Portfolio

Our principals include:  Leybold USA Inc., GNB KL Group, AJA International, Alicat Scientific, Applied Thermal Control (ATC), E+R Group, Telemark, GP Plasma, ProTech Materials, SURAGUS, Rotary Vacuum Products, and LACO Technologies

  • Vacuum Measurement & Control

  • Vacuum Hardware and Valves

  • Residual Gas Analyzers

  • Leak Detection

  • Vacuum Pumps

  • Sputtering systems

  • Ion-milling systems

  • Evaporation systems

  • Sputtering sources

  • Valves

  • SS, mild steel, and aluminum chambers

  • UHV chambers

  • Flanges and fittings

  • Mass Flow Meters

  • Mass Flow Controllers

  • Pressure Tranducers

  • Pressure Controllers

  • Thermal vacuum systems

  • Vacuum ovens

  • Vacuum testing systems

  • Degassing systems

  • Pilot and production scale vacuum roll-to-roll coating equipment

  • Genesis ALD commercial R2R coater

  • Laminating/slitting

Ready to find out more?

NPB Technology Group, Inc. has a combined 100+ years technical sales and applications experience, and we look forward to helping you find the perfect solution for your application.  Find out more about our specific product offering by region here or contact us using the link below. 

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