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Gencoa: Material Deposition Solutions for Thin Film Technology



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Gencoa is a private limited company, founded in 1995 by Dr Dermot Monaghan and based in Liverpool,UK. The company employs over 30 people at its Liverpool site, with three-quarters working in roles dedicated to product design, development or assembly. Gencoa also has full time staff working in overseas sales, in addition to an expanding network of agents and distributors who sell our products to markets in a number of regions around the world. Gencoa provides sputter-based solutions for the vacuum thin film deposition industry. Gencoa's manufactured components provide enabling technology for many state of the art thin film coating processes. The main product lines from Gencoa are: Magnetron sputter cathodes (rectangular, rotatable and circular), Process monitoring and reactive sputter gas control systems, IM-type Linear plasma (ion) sources.


Production Leak Detectors

Thin Film Coaters

Vacuum Pumps

Thin Film Web Coaters
Helium Leak Detector

Mass Flow Controllers


Helium Leak Detector
Helium Leak Detector

Vacuum Gauges

Portable Leak Detectors